Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review of Shadow Bound by Erin Kellison

Shadow Bound

by Erin Kellison

Some people will do anything to avoid it. Even trade their immortal souls for endless existence.
Secretly, inexorably, they are infiltrating our world, sucking the essence out of unsuspecting victims with their hideous parody of a kiss.
Adam Thorne founded the Institute to study and destroy his monster of a brother, but the key to its success is held in the pale, slender hand of a woman on the run. There is something hauntingly different about Talia O’Brien, her unknowing sensuality, her uncanny way of slipping into Shadow.
This is the place between life and what comes after - a dark forest of fantasy, filled with beauty, peril, mystery. And Talia is about to open the door.

My thoughts:
I received this ARC from Dorchester Publishing through Shelf Awareness. I absolutely LOVED this book!

Adam has been searching to find out more about Shadowman and then he found out about Talia and found her dissertation and found that Shadowman is mentioned. He had to track her down. His brother Jacob was turned into some kind of demon, and he had to find a way to get rid of him. He thought maybe Talia would have the answers.

Adam found her and brought her to his research facility "The Segue Institute". She had heat stroke and he wanted to run tests on her. She wanted nothing to do with being tested. She didn't want them to find out what she really was.

This book was fast paced and I was hooked until the very end. I can't believe how stubborn both Adam and Talia were. They sure are one of a kind. I loved the ending.

I gave this 5 out of 5 stars!

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