Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mailbox Monday

I was lucky enough to get Beyond the Dark by Lora Leigh, Angela Knight, Emma Holly, and Diane Whiteside from my great friend Staci for Christmas!

The Goodreads description:

A daring collection of never-before-published erotic desire from four of the hottest names in paranormal romance.

Four of the most sizzling authors of paranormal romance take readers beyond their wildest fantasies, to a seductive midnight world of erotic suspense, demons, mages, vampires, and knights. A world of queens with devilish secrets, and of demons with secret desires. So dangerous and fun, readers may never want to come back down to earth again...

I am excited to read this book. It will be my first book in the erotic reading challenge for this year! This book is right up my alley!

Here is Staci's Blog: http://lifeinthethumb.blogspot.com/

Thanks again Staci!


Also, I received these two books from Lauren at Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf. Not only that, but they are both signed by the author Darlene Ryan! She also sent me a very cute cloth Christmas bag with a candy cane, some marshmallow Santas and Dove chocolates! What a nice treat!


Responsible by Darlene Ryan
"Teachers, for the most part, don’t know anything about real life. If they did they’d have much better jobs than teaching geometry and the history of the stupid middle ages to a bunch of kids who aren’t listening anyway.”

Kevin Frasier is in a new high school—his fourth so far. When he falls in with Nick and his friends, Kevin ends up going along as they bully and threaten their way through the school. Then Nick starts tormenting Erin. When she stands up to him the harassment takes a dangerous turn and Kevin is forced to be responsible for his choices.

Five Minutes More by Darlene Ryan

“I play the Five Minutes More game. Five minutes. I can stand anything for five minutes. Even my father being dead.”

D’Arcy desperately wants her father’s death to have been an accident. Then she learns the truth. Why would her father choose suicide? Why didn’t she see the signs? How will she manage alone? Then D’Arcy becomes friends with Seth. Now will things get back to normal or will she have to call on strengths she didn’t know she had to make a new kind of normal, five minutes at a time?

Thank you Lauren for these books and the candy!

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  1. I'm so glad you got the books! I hope you enjoy both! And Dove chocolates?!? I'm so jealous. ;)