Monday, August 30, 2010

Library Loot - August 31

Well, I took back two of the books that I got from the previous library visit that I decided I just don't feel like reading. Here is what I got this time:

Gigolos Get Lonely Too

Gigolos Get Lonely Too

by Dwayne S. Joseph (Goodreads Author), Roy Glenn (Goodreads Author), Shawn "Jihad" Trump

From Goodreads:
Three men that have a way with the ladies struggle to keep their heads when each finds that love is more important than sex. It's a dream come true for.
Carter's found the woman of his dreams and to keep her, he's all set to change his lifestyle as a gigolo. But all hell breaks loose when he agrees to meet Deanna for what he's decided is going to be his last appointment.
Rick has to find a way to make it out the game, when he falls in April. Now he has to find a way to cut loose, Laura, Yvette and Vanessa.
A threesome with two of the finest women in Atlanta. Forget the fact that he's married, or that the two willing women are his estranged sister-in-law and his wife's best friend. Vernon's just out to get his.
Paperback, 288 pages
Published January 1st 2006 by Urban Books

Til It's Gone

by Dwayne S. Joseph

From Goodreads:
Everyone knows it's hard being in a relationship. But have you ever thought about cheating? What would happen if you were ever caught? These are the questions being posed in this dramatic novel by Dwayne S. Joseph.
Danita and Stephen have been together for five years. Things are great between them until an unexpected discovery sends Danita inot a tailspin. With her trust shattered and temptation at her new job, she must decide whether to work things out or move on.
As the boundaries of love and fidelity are tested, can their relationship survive the worst? Or will they not realize what they have until it's gone?
Paperback, 300 pages
Published August 1st 2008 by Urban Books

Eternal Lover

by Hannah Howell, Lynsay Sands, Jackie Kessler (Goodreads Author), Richelle Mead

From Goodreads:
Theirs is a world of ancient desires and forbidden pleasures. They are men of mystery and women of seduction, wild creatures wit
h the power to entrance and enchant, tease and tantalize. Enter their secret world, if you dare...

The Ye

arning by Hannah Howell

Alpin has lived for centuries with a lust that can never be quenched with mere physical pleasure. And then he meets Sophie whose own search for lasting love binds them together in a cloak of shimmering sensuality...

A Hell o

f a Time by Jackie Kessler

Jesse's immortal life as a soul-stealing succubus is over. And now that she is human, she longs to tempt her lover with all her persuasive powers of total sexual seduction...

City of

Demons by Richelle Mead

Seth cannot resist the intense sexual allure of his demon lover Georgina. Yet their love reaches beyond the physical, into a place of complete untamed surrender...


ten by Lynsay Sands

Keeran's existence as a vampire has taught him to accept a life without love...until he saves Emily from certain death. And suddenly he discovers the soul-searing passion he thought he'd lost forever...

Note: The Yearning by Hannah H owell and Bitten by Lynsay Sands also appear in the anthology His Immortal Embrace (less)

Paperback, 352 pages
Published April 1st 2008 by Kensington

Killing Floor (Jack Reacher Series #1)

by Lee Child

From Goodreads:
From its chilling opening page, you know all is not well in Margrave, Georgia. The sleepy, forgotten town hasn't seen a crime in decades, but within the span of three days it witnesses events that leave everyone stunned. An unidentified man is found beaten and shot to death on a lonely country road. The police chief and his wife are butchered on a quiet Sunday morning. Then a bank executive disappears from his home, leaving his keys on the table and his wife frozen with fear. The easiest suspect is Jack Reacher - an outsider, a man just passing through. But Reacher is not just any drifter. He is a tough ex-military policeman, trained to think fast and act faster. He has lived with and hunted the worst: the hard men of the American military gone bad. When authorities learn the first victim was someone from Reacher's past, and he cannot convince them of his innocence, his patient self-defense becomes a raging crusade of revenge. With two cops who believe in him - a thoughtful black detective and a woman named Roscoe - he closes in on a ruthless conspiracy hiding behind Margrave's rural charm. But closing in on him is a team of killers so careful and efficient they are almost invisible. Step by step, the two teams circle - waiting to see which will be the first to walk onto the killing floor.
Paperback, 424 pages
Published April 25th 2006 by Jove (first published March 1997)

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  1. Good thing you got that last book to cool off with!! I'm going to have to bring a fire extinguisher into the office with me while you're reading those first 3!!!